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News / 14th April 2019

Why do people fall?

There are many reasons why people can fall.  As we age, our bodies start to lose its flexibility and strength and this creates different problems such as balance disorders, gait disturbances and change in reflexes due to visual, sensory, motor and cognitive impairment. This makes the older population more prone to accidents including falling. Falls can happen to anyone, however, as you grow older falls can become more common and the consequences can be worse.  

Often elderly people fall inside their home or around their neighbourhood and these randomly occurring falls can generate serious injuries and even lead to drastic change in their lifestyle. The World Health Organization defines falls as the second leading cause of accidental death worldwide and a major cause of personal injury, especially for the elderly. Falls are the top cause of accidents in people over the age of 65 and can also be the main cause of serious injuries and accidental deaths in older people.

Never alone again   

Even older people who appear strong and in good health can fall and this can impact the ability to live an autonomous life. However, we have you covered. By downloading the application My Medic Watch, if you fall, you will never be alone again. My Medic Watch is your guardian and will automatically call for help if your loved ones experience a fall or need help in case of an emergency while keeping their autonomy.  

For example, last year Paul had a serious fall at home, which left him disoriented and unable to stand up. His neighbour found him in the back garden with a broken hip. Following this incident Paul now wears a smartwatch and uses My Medic Watch app. This solution has given him and his family enormous peace of mind.

He has chosen Simon his neighbour, Olivia a professional caregiver and his two children, Claire and Charles to be on his list. This means if he experiences a fall, an automated alert will be sent to his caregivers with his location – even if he is unconscious. When his caregivers receive the alert, they can indicate if they are able to respond and a notification will be sent to the other caregivers to let them know help is on its way. Paul can also manually issue an alert if he is feeling unwell and requires help and his caregivers will be notified in exactly the same way.

Tracking data to provide active aid

Fall detection technologies like My Medic Watch, have the ability to reduce the physical and emotional damage caused the actual fall and the response time. This app allows data to be actively tracked during potentially distressing situations, capturing vital information such as heart rate.

With the users consent, medical professionals can track this vital information and they can see how often a person has experienced falls in a certain timeframe. This ensures that health is effectively managed.

We don’t want you to feel alone. My Medic Watch is a life saving app that helps coordinate immediate assistance when you experience a fall by alerting caregivers and loved ones with your status and GPS location. Get My Medic Watch on your wrist today, download it now.

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