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News / 8th April 2022

Smartwatch app accurate in detecting falls, says new observational study

To determine the overall effectiveness of Smartwatch apps in detecting falls, the team here at My Medic Watch conducted an in-depth observational study, the results of which were published in March 2022. 

We conducted this study in partnership with representatives from the Department of Neurology from St Vincent’s Hospital, the University of New South Wales and Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Service. 

The study aimed to assess the accuracy of metrics used in a novel fall detection smartwatch algorithm, such as that used by My Medic Watch.

It involved a cross-sectional study of 22 healthy adults, comparing the detection of induced forward, side (left and right), and backward falls and near falls provided by a smartwatch threshold-based algorithm. Three different smartwatches with two different operating systems were used. 

You can read the full study, and the detailed results, here or here

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