News / 27th September 2020

New report reveals 77% of older people want to keep living in their own homes as they age… but only 50% believe they will*

2020 has been a very isolating time for many; particularly older people still living in their own homes. Falls, and fall-related injuries, are among the leading causes of hospitalisation for the elderly population. To stay living independently, peace of mind is essential. This is where the My Medic Watch (MMW) app can help. The app is installed on a user’s smartwatch and smartphone and his/her caregivers’ smartphones. If the person suffers a fall or a seizure, the app immediately detects it using the smartwatch’s sensor and the app’s clinically-tested and patent-protected algorithm, and sends an alert to caregivers – keeping them continually up to date regarding the status. MMW is available on Android, iOS and Tizen, and is compatible with most commercial smartwatches. It’s also the only app of its kind that can be customised to a person’s specific medical history and needs.


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