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News / 20th July 2023

My Medic Watch in action – how it works:

How does My Medic Watch actually work? How does it help when someone experiences a fall or a seizure? Here’s a quick run through of a potential scenario where My Medic Watch can provide potentially life-changing assistance for our Fall app. 

Let’s use Paul as a hypothetical example. He is celebrating his 65th birthday this week, and fortunately, he still lives at home and maintains an autonomous life. 

Last year, however, Paul had quite a serious fall at home which left him disoriented and unable to stand. His neighbour found him in the back garden with a broken hip.

Following this incident, Paul now wears a smartwatch with the Fall Alert app from My Medic Watch*. This has given both Paul and his family enormous peace of mind. Paul now knows that if he experiences a fall, his nominated caregivers and relevant health professionals will be alerted instantly.

Paul chose to have five people on his alert list: Carlos, his neighbour, Olivia, a professional caregiver, and three of his children – Claire, Patrick and Suzie.

Now, let’s assume Paul is at home one day, preparing dinner. He feels a little lightheaded, and accidently trips over the leg of the dining room chair, falling to the ground and seriously injuring his pelvis. Here’s how My Medic Watch would kick into action:

Step 1: The fall My Medic Watch’s Fall Alert app uses the sensor on Paul’s smartwatch, as well as an inbuilt algorithm which has been adjusted to Paul’s specific needs, to determine that Paul has fallen.

Step 2: Alert My Medic Watch’s Fall Alert app automatically sends an alert to each of the five people that Paul has nominated, including Paul’s specific GPS location.  

Step 3: Response Claire, one of Paul’s children who happens to live very close to Paul, sees the alert immediately on her mobile phone, and hits a button indicating that she can help.  

Step 4: Updates All of Paul’s other caregivers then receive a notification that Claire is responding, and will continue to receive updates regarding her response and Paul’s situation until it is resolved. 

Step 5: Action Fortunately, Claire arrives at Paul’s house within a few minutes of his fall, and is able to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital.  

Step 6: Information Paul had also adjusted the settings on his My Medic Watch app to give permission for the app to collect information about his health – such  his heart rate during the event. Paul’s doctor has the option (with Paul’s consent) to review this information on an ongoing basis.   

It’s important to note that the alerts from My Medic Watch Fall Alert app don’t just have to be triggered automatically. Paul can also manually issue an alert if he feels unwell and believes he will need help.  

*The My Medic Watch Fall Alert app needs to be downloaded on a smartphone first and then paired it with a compatible smartwatch. 

If you have any questions about how My Medic Watch works, or want to know more, please get in touch.

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