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News / 29th June 2021

Machine Learning

Machine Learning:

My Medic Watch is adopting Artificial Intelligence capabilities  by using Machine Learning models that “learn” from each individual user’s activities and medical episodes. These learnings will automatically adjust the sensitivity of the Fall or Seizure automatic detection for each individual. 

My Medic Watch has a patent highlighting our app’s unique capability which can combine threshold-based decision making with a Machine Learning Model in order to provide an automated improvement of fall and seizure detection accuracy.

Using My Medic Watch’s Machine Learning capabilities which learn patient activities over time, we aim for the app to be able to predict medical episodes and notify the user and their nominated caregivers.

Smartwatch sensor capabilities are improving significantly every year, so as soon as improved technology become available, My Medic Watch will capture more and more monitoring data from the patient’s smartwatch sensors. Data will be available  with the aim to better understanding of the user’s medical episodes.  

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