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News / 7th February 2022

In Aged Care News

My Medic Watch

My Medic Watch hopes to bring carers an unprecedented level of peace of mind, and it does so through leveraging the latest in machine learning technology.

The app, which is compatible with Apple, Samsung and other Android smartwatches, harnesses the watch’s in-built sensors alongside the company’s new patented algorithm, detecting falls and seizures in real-time.

Alerts are automatically sent to the wearers nominated carers (up to 10 people) who can then elect to take the call.

The app also utilises the smart watch’s in-built heart rate monitor to predict oncoming seizures, giving users a warning which allows them to sit and seek assistance before blacking out or suffering a fall.

Giovanni Munoz, spokesperson for My Medic Watch, tells Aged Care News that the idea was born from the personal experience of the company’s founders, sisters Andreanne and Elizabeth Blanchard.

“They just wanted to know their mum was OK,” Munoz says.

Only in her 50s, their mother was diagnosed with a neurological condition that caused spontaneous falls.

“She was an incredibly active woman with a high-profile career… residential aged care just wasn’t an option,” Munoz says.

The girls knew they needed a solution to balance their mother’s independent nature with her ongoing care needs.

After consultation with experts, the app was developed, and now the Blanchard sisters have hopes it will aid countless families across the planet.

“With the ageing population growing exponentially around the world each year, this app could help elderly people keep their independence for longer,” they write in their mission statement.

“You’re not marked… sometimes you see the elderly carrying a big button on their chest, whereas this is just a watch,” Munoz says.

The company is now developing a geo-fencing function to help care for those with Alzheimer’s.

Carers can define a locational boundary, such as their loved one’s home; the smartwatch’s in-built GPS will keep track of the wearer’s location.

“If the person goes outside the boundary you will get an alert,” Munoz says.

Whilst the company is up and running, it is also looking at adding functionality which will keep the apps at the cutting-edge including features that can predict falls and seizures.

At that point the company says that it will seek approval as an official medical device from Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

“Our TGA is recognised all over the world so once it has been approved, it will open a lot of doors around the world,” Munoz says.

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