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News / 30th March 2021

How to get started with My Medic Watch

Getting started with My Medic Watch is quick and easy. Once you have downloaded the app, you will be emailed a user manual with everything you will need to know. We strongly recommend reading this, however, if you’re after something a little shorter, this quick overview may be helpful. #MyMedicWatch. 

My Medic Watch is a potentially life-changing app that you – or a friend or loved one – can install on their smartwatch. The app automatically detects if the wearer has a fall or seizure, and instantly notifies his/her nominated caregivers, providing details of the individual’s GPS location.   Getting started with My Medic Watch is straightforward.

Here’s how:
1. Choose a smartwatch
You will need a smartwatch to use the My Medic Watch app. The app is compatible with most commercially available smartwatch brands, including Apple, Fossil, TicWatch, Tag, other Wear OS and Samsung. Be sure to choose a watch that you/the wearer is completely comfortable with, and which is easy to use and to charge. You can see a selection of some compatible smartwatches here. If you are not sure if your watch is compatible, ask us!  

2. Installing the app
Once your smartwatch is up and running, you simply need to install the app. You can do this by navigating to the relevant store app on your smartwatch. You can find My Medic Watch app on Google Play or the Apple iTunes App Store. The download is quick and easy.  

3. Subscribe to a plan
After downloading the app you will be asked to choose a plan. Once you have selected the most appropriate plan, you will receive a 30 day free trial. Note that you can cancel anytime before the end of the trial and you will not be charged. See more on how to cancel here FAQ #24. 

4. Set a routine for charging your smartwatch
It’s important that your smartwatch remains charged, so that the My Medic Watch is always able to detect a fall or seizure. We recommend charging it at night, if it is only being used during the day, or charging it while having a meal or accompanied by a visitor. We also recommend always keeping and charging it in the same place so you/the wearer doesn’t forget to put it on.

5. Choose your carers
Once you have installed your app, you will notice that it will prompt you to nominate a caregiver, or a team of caregivers, who can respond should the person using the app experience a fall or a seizure. These caregivers play an extremely important role in ensuring that the person gets the help they need. You can read more about choosing a caregiver here. All your nominated caregivers will also need to download the My Medic Watch onto their smartphone and update their details. There is no charge for your caregivers to use the app.  

6. You’re ready to go!
Once you have entered your information, the app is ready to use! The app settings can be customised to suit the individual needs of the wearer. Since no two users are the same, you may need to adjust the settings from the default settings. More information on settings can be found in the user manual. Remember to always test your settings to ensure an alert can be triggered. If you have any questions at any time, please get in touch with us directly on
or give us a call on +61 2 8880 0902 or +1 833 303 0601

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