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News / 7th April 2019

Celebrating life, Celebrating Health!

Today is the 7th decade celebrating World Health Day. This is a great day to give focus to a subject of major importance, global health.  The @World Health Organisation sponsors this celebration and organises regional and local events on the day to raise awareness about particular health topics. This day is also acknowledged by various government and non-profit organisations who work in areas related to public health.

My Medic Watch wants to join this great initiative by raising awareness of #Epilepsy, #ElderlyFalling and share some tips on how to track this and bring peace of mind to caregivers.


Based on WHO statistics, around 50 million people of all ages around the world have epilepsy. This makes it one of the most common neurological diseasesglobally. Epilepsy is a silent chronic conditionof the brain characterised by recurrent seizures. A seizure is known as a brief episode of involuntary movements in part or the whole body and can involve the loss of consciousness.

All of us might know a friend, a co-worker or a family member who has been diagnosed with epilepsy. One of the most stressful aspects of managing this condition is not knowing when a seizure can happen. Whilst preventive actions can be taken, including avoiding activities such as swimming in deep waters, taking a bath unattended or driving, this uncertainty can become an extremely stressful part of life for both the person with the condition and everyone around them.

A new app has been launched in Australia with the aim of taking care of people with epilepsy by providing peace of mind for them and their caregivers. My Medic Watch is an app available on the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store which synchronises with a smartwatch. When a seizure is detected, the app is programmed to automatically send an alert along with your GPS location to your nominated registered caregivers, with an escalation process.

Elderly Falls

Anyone is prone to a fall. However, as we grow older, falls become more common and the effects can be more serious. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention reports that each year, millions of older people over the age of 65 experience a fall, with less than half reporting these to their doctor.

As we age, the body experiences various changes including weakening of muscles, stiffening of joints, loss of balance and hearing and vision problems. These are all risk factors, which increase the chances of experiencing a fall.  As most people want to remain independent, falls often happen when a person is by themselves and they are unable to request help, leaving them at risk of a worse injury than if someone were able to immediately help them.

My Medic Watch is a lifesaving app that helps coordinate immediate assistance when a person experiences a fall by alerting caregivers and loved ones with the users status and GPS location. The app allows people who are vulnerable to falls to obtain immediate care and assistance when they fall so that they can keep their autonomy in everyday situations.

Today we want to join forces and celebrate World Health Day and raise awareness of falls and epilepsy, two very common conditions. We don’t want you to feel alone. My Medic Watch is a life saving app that helps coordinate immediate assistance when you experience a seizure by alerting caregivers and loved ones with your status and GPS location. Get My Medic Watch on your wrist today, download it now.

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