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News / 22nd July 2022

Aged care facility has great success with My Medic Watch

My Medic Watch performed a trial of its app in a well-known aged care facility. A number of residents and staff used the app for a period of four weeks. For all alerts that were triggered (manually and automatically), care staff took less than 1 minute to reply that they were aware of the alert, and between 1 and 2 minutes to physically check residents. Overall, feedback from both staff and residents was very positive.

Key benefits according to residents

Satisfaction amongst residents was generally high, with all residents who were interviewed afterwards saying they would be happy to pay to use the My Medic Watch app in their facility if it was available.  

“Peace of mind, knowing that if I fall and I can’t reach the buzzer, I will send an alarm anyway.”

“Sending alarms outside the reach of the buzzer. I can be whenever I want, and I can trigger an alarm.”

“Peace of mind to know that you will get help wherever you are.”

Key benefits according to staff

Staff reported that the app was easy to use, and that they valued the fact the app triggers alarms even if the residents can’t reach the buzzer. They think it provides a higher level of safety for consumers.

“It is safer for them [the residents], even if they can’t call us if they have a fall, the watch detects it and lets us know.”

“Residents can ring us from wherever they are.”

“We can monitor them and provide care faster and on time when they fall.”

“It makes it easier for us as we can see straight away who needs attention and we can respond immediately to the needs of the residents.”

Many staff suggested that the app should be offered by the facility to residents – either as an optional payment, or included in their overall living expenses.

It was widely agreed that the most important features in the app were its personalised settings, automated fall detection, ability to offer geolocation inside the facility, the notifications that are provided to the caregivers, and the loud alert for the caregivers.

If you would like to know more about this trial, or about the My Medic Watch solution, please get in touch.

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