Cardiac monitoring app – Coming soon - My Medic Watch

Cardiac monitoring app – Coming soon

Smart detection apps providing peace of mind by coordinating immediate assistance from loved ones or caregivers when you experience a SEIZURE or FALL


The Heart of the Nation is proud to be collaborating with My Medic Watch to provide cardiac monitoring via your smartwatch. Announcement was made during the Channel nine Heart of the Nation: The World’s Largest CPR Class program on Saturday 15 October 2022.

Approximately 27,000 Aussies will suffer a sudden cardiac arrest each year.
80% of cardiac arrests occur at home.
And it is often the case that no-one is home with the person.

The new app will run on a smartwatch monitoring the heart rate and will send notifications to love ones and via the Heart of the Nation app if there is a cardiac arrest.
This new app from My Medic Watch will be available soon on the Apple app store and Google Play store.
Watch this space. Contact us for more information.

as seen on Channel Nine